Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Birthday Reflections

Well, today is my birthday.
No big party here, just a regular day with some time for reflections and musing.

Okay...I am 53.
No homestead yet.
Don't even own a patch of dirt to call my own.
I have dreams and goals and plans and , hopefully, they will all come to fruition.

What have I done with my life...what have I actually accomplished that wouldn't have happened except for my presence?

I have had 7 kids
Started one non-profit
Physically saved 2 lives
Rehabbed around 17 houses
Married 3 times
Divorced 3 times,heh.
Been in love several times.
Had a few guys fall in love with me.
Planted several thousand trees
Hunted and killed 6 deer, innumerable rabbits and squirrels, 1 elk, various *varmit* animals.
Been in 3 car wrecks...NONE of which were my fault! (Damn MEN drivers!)
Started 4 businesses.
Went out of business 4 times, lol!
Written countless poems and a few books.
Been published in a few poetry journals.
Painted countless paintings.
Sold a few paintings...I mainly give them for presents.
Milked several thousand cows.
Branded several hundred cows.
Slaughtered and butchered 4 cows, 6 sheep, countless chickens and rabbits and 4 pigs.
Tanned innumerable hides from cows, sheep, deer, snakes, rabbits, etc.
Started countless gardens.
Owned several damn fine dogs and four good cats.

All in all, an average life.
Since I plan on living until 106, I am only halfway done and I plan on doing much, much more before my ashes are scattered. (Oh yes, cremation is the way to go...why take up a patch of dirt that could be better used for a pasture or garden?)

Today is my 53rd birthday.
Cake and ice cream for everybody!!!

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