Monday, April 13, 2009


I had all my lovely little baby seedlings in my various garden patches about the yard. Most seemed to have gotten a good start and I dreamed of veggie and fruit goodness coming my way.
The last couple of weeks we have had rain on and off. Too much rain for some seedlings that weren't in the best drained locations.
Then yesterday morning we had one of those torrential downpours you dread. The rain came down so hard it stung painfully when I was running from the car to the house.
It lasted less than an hour, but the damage was done.
Many of my seedlings were beaten and destroyed by the intensity of the rain. Leaves stripped off of tender stems or the whole seedling just chewed up completely by the pounding rain.
Fortunately, I did not plant all my seeds. So, I have plenty to reseed with.
I went out this morning and surveyed the damage.
My tomatoes and cabbage and peppers...almost total loss. I may be able to salvage a few plants, but they may not produce well after such trauma.

So...gotta *re-boot* the garden.
Stuff like this happens, due to the vagaries of weather and a gardener has to be ready to bounce back and regroup.
You learn from lessons...and I have learned from this lesson to figure out a way to protect my young seedlings and sprouting plants from when the weather turns vicious.
Tomorrow I am building boxes, about 4 x 8 feet in the yard, filling them with dirt and replanting my seeds.
If a torrential rain hits, I can quickly cover them with a tarp or other protection. They will drain better, too. I will be able to better control the environment , fertilize, weed, pick wee bugs off, keep my fruits and veggies protected from rabbits and the like.
Also, if we suffer drought this summer, watering will be easier and more efficient.

You will have set backs in any endeavor. The key is to learn from the setback and then move forward.

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