Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just a Pause to Reflect

I have read some disturbing things in the past few months---as we all have.
Conflict in the Middle East.
Saber rattling in Korea.
Shootings in Germany.
Shootings in the US.
Near war conditions in Mexico.
The economy crashing.
Violence around the corner.
Everything and everyone everywhere seemingly having a meltdown of epic proportions.

It IS discouraging.
Some days reading the news or watching a newscast is too depressing to contemplate.
It seems no matter where you live, you are or soon will be affected by such events.

People USED to ask me, "What are you preparing FOR?"
They don't ask anymore.
I find that rather sad. And disturbing.
More people are asking "HOW?" than "WHY?".

They want to know how to start a food storage, how to garden, how to sew, how to stock up on needed supplies.
I know a little about such things and I share what I have learned.
But it is the look in their eyes that so disturbs me.
Most have a look of mild desperation, or worse, barely repressed panic.
I can give advice, I cannot give comfort.

All I can advise is to prepare the best you can for the worst case scenario, but hope for the best.
That's what I am doing.

Along the way, I eat well, enjoy my preparing *hobby* and share with others.
I am lucky in that my children are grown, I have no major physical problems and I am able to keep a positive attitude.
I think a positive attitude is extremely important.
If you mope and wail and moan and assume the worst will happen, you will be miserable.
Who wants to survive whatever is to come if you are miserable every minute?

So, take a little time for yourself.
Do something that makes you happy, if only for 10 minutes.
A positive attitude will go a long way.
If it means spending a bit of money to go to a movie or buying yourself some little thing that delights you, go ahead.
Just take a bit of time to shake off the *doom and gloom* mindset you may have fallen into.

Cheer up, ignore the world for a bit.

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  1. i've been considering the 'ignore the world for a bit' part lately; but i'll be danmed if it's not like a train wreck that you really don't want to see...but can't tear your eyes off of.

    thanks for this.


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