Friday, February 13, 2009

Things You Should Absolutely, Positively Have!

Okay, I know some folks out there have food storage. Water storage, Maybe even fuel storage.
This list is B-A-S-I-C-S.
Things you should have, even if you aren't a *raging survivalist* or *whole hog prepper*.

The list is rather short and simple.

1) A set of cast iron pans.
Reason: T-Fal and other pans just won't cut it if you have to cook on a grill or over a camp-fire. Get a simple, good basic set.
2) A manually operated grain mill.
Reason: If you store wheat, you are going to want to make flour eventually.
3) Four or more five gallon buckets.
Reason: These are indispensable in an emergency situation. For a simple port-a-potty to a water carrying just don't want to use the same bucket for both of those!
4) A dozen or more quart canning jars with lids.
Reason: Again, multitude of uses, from impromptu drinking glasses to storage of just about anything.
5) A decent First Aid Kit.
Reason: Pretty obvious. Read my post about my first aid kit for ideas.
6) A Bug Out Bag for every member of your family.
Reason: Again, pretty obvious. In the case of emergency evacuation, a back-pack with even minimal supplies can make it easier or even save your life.
7) A good tent.
Reason: This is a *just in case* item. Just in case the emergency shelter is full, just in case your car breaks down on a long road trip, just in case the kids want to camp out in the back yard. Everyone should have one.

That's it.
Seven items. That's all.
You can obtain ALL of them for under 200 dollars. If you check flea markets and yard sales, you can probably do it for even less.
Not a lot to pay to insure you and yours can have a roof over their head, food on their table and a better chance to get through an emergency in good shape.

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  1. thanks for this. i always feel like i'm pack ratting if i save jars, but now i have an actual reason!


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