Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year

The new year is here and I know everyone out there is making New Years Resolutions...that they will probably break to shards by February...
I have an easy resolution for you:
Spend $5.00 per week to prepare.
You can use that 5 bucks to buy extra food for your pantry, items for your B.O.B or F.A.K.
I know 5 dollars doesn't sound like a lot, but you can buy a substantial amount of preparation for that 5 bucks per week!

Here's an example of one month...all these items are easily obtainable, either locally or online.
BOB Items
Gym Bag (easily found for $5)
50 ft of clothesline (usually runs about 2.99)
8 x 8 tarp (4.99 at my local surplus store)
Magnesium firestarter (4.99 at local military surplus store)
P-38 (99 cents at local military surplus store)
Emergency blanket (2.00 at local surplus store)

First Aid Kit (I hit the dollar store for this stuff!)
Small bottle of aspirin ( a dollar)
Box of Bandaids (again, only a dollar)
Tweezers ($1)
Bottle of Rubbing Alcohol (a buck)
Bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide ($1)
Bar of Soap (got 5 for a buck!)
Baby-Wipes ($1)
Scissors ($1)
Package of Air Masks ($1)
Roll of Medical Tape ($1)
Box of Gauze Pads ($1)
You get the idea....

For your food storage the possibilities are endless...
Cans of tuna fish or chicken, Spam, dried pasta, box dinners of mac and cheese, oatmeal, rice, flour and on and on....

Think of how much money you waste each week. Five dollars is a small amount, in the grand scheme of things. Cut out a couple trips to Starbucks each week or rent one less movie and get a free one from the library. Curtail your smoking a bit. Carry your lunch instead of getting something at a fast food joint. You'll never miss that 5 bucks, but you will be able to look with satisfaction at your growing pantry or FAK or BOB.

And shoot for 5 bucks a week for preparation!


  1. Once again excellent advice! I was just talking about this on a forum last month. Trying to tell folks to do something even $5 a week, even a buck a week, just do it! Backwoods Home Magazine has a great if outdated article on stocking with $10 a week.

    Once again, Lamb, well done!

  2. Excellent suggestions!!! Most folks aren't aware of how much a little adds up. I have been doing this all winter, despite having my hours cut by 50% at work. I still make a point of spending an extra five dollars or so on goods for the root cellar. The deep freeze is coming soon and when -50 hits, I'm not going out if I don't have to, LOL, so planning ahead is a necessity:)


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