Friday, January 23, 2009

Bits and Pieces #1

These are just a few bits and pieces of general stuff...

Herbal Emergency Supplies:
These are things that, if you have them in your pantry, they can be used for medical and other purposes.

Parsley: Breath freshener (chew it fresh), also can be used as a diuretic if brewed into a tea.

Celery Seed: Another natural diuretic.

Garlic: Naturally lowers blood pressure, helps with diarrhea and other intestinal ills (garlic is darn near a whole medicine chest in and by itself!)

Aloe Vera: Cut a leaf and apply the sap to burns.

Penny Royal: (a member of the mint family) NEVER INGEST PENNY ROYAL! However, if you put fresh and dried sprigs of it in the back of your cabinets...mice run away! It also repels cockroaches!

Bay Leaf: Dried or fresh bay leaf...put one leaf for every five pounds of flour in your flour storage. It will stop any *mealy bug* eggs from hatching.

Frugal (and other reasons) why stockings are better than pantyhose:
1) If you get a run in your pantyhose, they are ruined. No, I won't do that silly thing of cutting off one leg and wearing two *panty* parts, each with one good leg. Ridiculous!

2) High quality stockings are less expensive than high quality pantyhose. I frequently find never opened packages of stockings...even silk one! thrift stores for as little as 50 cents!

3) Ever tried to wriggle out of a pair of pantyhose when you have to go to the bathroom right away? 'Nuff said.

4) A stocking with a run in it can be used in all the ways that I have seen mentioned for pantyhose...replacing a belt on the car, tying up gourds and such, etc.

5)Stockings last longer. Seriously, they do. I hand wash mine and hang them to dry. I have stockings that have lasted me 6 months+. I have never had a pair of pantyhose last me that long!

6) Stockings and a garter belt are just dead sexy. I have never heard a man do that quick intake of breath when he caught a glimpse of where the hose meets with the panty part. I have heard many a man make that sound when they caught a glimpse of the top of a stocking attached to the garter.

7) Stockings are just easier to deal with, in the long run. You can quickly change looks (I have different colors and textures of stockings).

8) Ladies, you will feel more feminine in stockings. Really. You walk differently, carry yourself differently. I, personally, feel a bit more powerful...maybe that's not the right word?...but I feel more self-confident and ready to take on the world when I am wearing stockings than I ever did in pantyhose!

9) There is nothing, I do mean NOTHING, more delightfully, wickedly sensual than your fella sliding his hand up across your stocking and brushing his fingers against bare skin. While that may not come into frugality or survivalism, it may help repopulate the planet if TEOTWAWKI occurs!

(See, you CAN have fun being frugal!)

That's my *bits and pieces* for today....

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  1. I love stockings. LOVE them. Now you've inspired me to make a stocking pattern:D


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