Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So here I am

Decided, since life is changing by leaps and bounds, to start a blog. I intend to document, in a way, the spiraling down of civilization and modern life as I know it, and my efforts in preparation for a future that seems uncertain at best.

I am, by current definitions, a *survivalist*, a *gun nut* and a *libertarian*. Some people sling these labels around with derision, as if they were insults. I embrace them proudly. My larder, while not bulging with provisions, is ample and sufficient for my current situation. I could survive for approximately six months on the supplies I have without ill effect. I do need certain items to do this comfortably and with ease, but I have observed that far too many people tightly grasp the ease and comfort factor. Perhaps they fear hard work, perhaps they fear that without their high tech *toys* they will be unable to function.

I can function in a third world mode, although, admittedly, I prefer not to. I have wheat and rice and flour and dehydrated foods. I also have some chocolate bars and nice body lotion.
I have a lovely shotgun and ammo and some wicked looking sharp knives. I also have a telephone to call 911--while their response time in this area is rather slow, I still think I would call them first before shooting and slicing in wanton abandon.

I am currently living in a moderately sized city on the Gulf Coast. I would prefer to be in the wilds of Maine or Vermont or Idaho or in the Ozarks, but current finances do not allow this. So, I garden as I can in a fair sized back yard.

I am employed--*under the table*, as they say. My employment is entirely dependent on my employers continued good health and success. I have a small checking and a small savings account, so I haven't completely discarded the trappings of our monetary system. I have no stocks or bonds. Nor have I hoarded gold and silver coins and ingots (sadly).
My main assets are not monetary. I have my wits and my knowledge and my common sense, plus the ability to adapt rapidly to any and all situations. I give credit to my strong Irish family line for all of that. A bit interspersed with the Scottish line of my family, but I suppose it was difficult for some of my ancestors to resist a Scottish rogue in a kilt!

This blog will document how I have prepared and how I continue to do so. It will sometimes have a bit of *do it yourself* hints and recipes as I wander along this journey.

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