Friday, December 18, 2015

Another Snake Around the Corner

While we are talking about truth and snakes around the corner, I have to admit...
I have been struggling with a truth/warning I should get out there.
I wrote it, I posted it, but I didn't tell people about it.
Maybe I should have, I don't know.
A few people have read it.....I hope the warning gets out to the people that need to see it.
Some people have more or less told me I should be embarrassed that I was deceived for so long by my ex. That I trusted him. That I was loyal. That I did not question him.
I am not embarrassed. Why be ashamed of doing the right thing?

I feel sorry for the women/friends in his life now..and in the future. Friends in the area have told me he is doing the same old games, same old lies, etc. More people will get hurt...and badly.

So, here it is...everything, laid out bare and raw.
Read if you want...or don't.
My warning to others.


  1. Pretty much. If you click on the last line of the post, it takes you to a post warning other women about my ex. He is up to his same old tricks....scamming women and such.


    1. That is already covered. Also, I defended him with all my heart before I found out the truth. Now, knowing the truth....well, I do not defend him or make excuses for his actions anymore.


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