Saturday, August 8, 2015

Well, Things Progress

I am staying with friends. they are, thankfully, animal lovers, so Siona is welcome here. They have pets as well...the full spectrum, lol!
A dog. female rottweiler about a year old. She is still full of puppy playfulness and loves giving slobbery kisses or worrying a chew toy into destruction.
A large ginger cat. Neutered male. He is cordial and will come up for petting, but conducts himself with calm and dignity (as all cats should!).
A pet rat. Female and recently gave birth to a litter of 15! She is fascinating to watch. She is quite industrious and busies herself by constructing  and deconstructing her nest to accommodate her growing offspring. Her little ones have just opened their eyes and are driving their mama bonkers by wandering around their enclosure, so of course she has to retrieve them and carefully put them back in the nest. Keeps her quite busy!
A large and rather obnoxious Macaw inherited from an aunt. Male. He delights in squawking as loudly as possible. I have heard him speak...his main phrase is "Knock it off!". He also screamed "Run!!!" at the cat when it was about to get a flea bath.
My dog plays with their dog, shows polite curiosity towards the rat & her offspring, ignores the cat and avoids the bird.

They live in town. It is taking me a bit to get used to it. The sounds of cars going past at night or in the wee hours, children riding their bikes past, the neighbors dog barking, etc. 
They are good people, though. They have kids grown and kids still in school. The kids are nice, too.
I really appreciate them opening their home to me while I get everything sorted out here.
I am applying for jobs. Mostly cashier type jobs, and I think there are one or two I might be able to get. There is a little one bedroom apartment that allows pets (a MUST) and includes most of the utilities That I have my eye on. Looks like a good fit for me and the dog.

As for the Darlin' (?) Man and myself....we met up yesterday for a long talk and I went out to the farm to check on the goats and other animals. I was able to express my feelings about the situation to him and he to me. We both agreed that we both need to work on ourselves before we can work on our relationship.That is about as good as I had hoped for at this point.
Things can't heal overnight. 

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  1. Every step forward is a good step. Glad to know you're with good people & have the support you need to get back on your feet. If you need to unload, ever, you know where I am. Hugs


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