Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Hardest Post I Will Ever Write

Okay, here goes....better be sitting down, folks.
Over the weekend I found out that "my" Darling Man has a fiancée.
Actually, TWO fiancees, in addition to a wife he is separated from. He got engaged to one of them in May and the other in June. We broke up in July when he pulled a loaded rifle on my unarmed son and threatened to kill him.
Plus, in the past 5 years, while we have lived together and he professed his love and devotion, he has NEVER been faithful. Even when he was 'courting' me.
Besides the two he has now, he has been engaged to no less than SIX women in the past 6 years.
He courts them (usually online through dating sites like Plenty of Fish), convinces them he loves them, meets them, screws them and gets them a modest ring. Then he gets off of them what he needs/wants (right now he needs a car, so I expect one of the two women has a spare car hanging around) and then finds a reason to dump them.
I found out his military record was pretty much bogus. Yes, he was in for 23 years, but saw no combat, was never wounded and was not stationed in some of the places he said he was. He was pretty much a glorified company clerk.
So, yeah, lies from Day One.
So, yeah, I am feeling pretty foolish right now. How he must have laughed at me and how gullible I was!
So, here's a warning.
His name is Everett Fryman, but on Facebook and dating sites he frequently goes by the name Louis Hildago.
He is 43 years old. He is a very convincing liar.
I was going to try to post his picture but I can't figure out how to do it on this iPad.
If you are on Facebook, please check out his page under the name Louis
If you have encountered him, BEWARE! He uses people, male and female, especially female.
After he gets what he wants, he will no longer be your friend or lover or whatever he is pretending to be.
Figured out how to post pics again!
Everett Fryman and son

Everett Fryman when I first started talking to him

Everett Fryman and the woman he lived with while I was still in El Paso and he was "working hard on the railroad"
I concealed her and her kids faces so as not to invade their privacy.

Everett Fryman , again


  1. I answered your comment at my blog so I won't repeat it here.

  2. I am so sorry. That kind of betrayal....
    You saw him through loving eyes, there is no shame in that. The only shame here is that he took the hon4est love you gave & gambled it away. This is truly his loss dearheart. You will be angry, you will be hurt, & you will be puzzled that even after all that you will still have an empty place in your heart for the man you thought he was.
    I'm here if you need anything, & again, I am so sorry. You deserve better than that.

  3. Lamb,
    I am so sorry to hear this. For a while you seemed really happy. I can sympathize having just wasted 10 years of my life on someone who wasn't willing to be all she promised she was.


  4. I'm tempted to go to Facebook, post my phto from 20 years ago and talk about my lottery win. He needs a lesson.


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