Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth! Picture Heavy!

Fourth of July in a small town...parade, sale at the library, and lots of red, white and blue! I ended up on the float for my local Grange, tossing out trinkets to kids! The theme was *Redneck Olympics*.
We had a clown, of course! Every parade needs one.
Lots of ATVs
Local kids club.
Redneck Olympics was the theme this year.
This float went all out!
Another view...they even played the Olympic theme over loudspeakers!
Lots of antique vehicles.
Cute *cow tipping* float
The Darlin' Man getting Champagne out of the truck to go on the float.
Clarabelle: "Who signed me up for this!?"
The antique truck that pulled our float.
Interior of the truck for all your gearhead types.
Director of traffic!
Long stretch on Main Street
Turning the corner
Some of the trinkets I threw to the crowd.
Our float.
Near end of the parade

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